Foundations of ‘Alimiyyah

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This is an Inaugural One-Year Course Leading to a Comprehensive Six-Year Journey. The Alimah Course is meticulously structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of Islamic teachings, jurisprudence, history, and ethics. Taught by experienced scholars and educators, the course will cover a wide range of topics, including Quranic exegesis, Hadith studies, Fiqh (jurisprudence), Tafsir (interpretation), Seerah, Nahw & Sarf, Aqaid, Arabic Literature, and more. We believe that this course will not only deepen your connection with Allah but also equip you with the knowledge to face modern challenges while upholding your faith.

Course Overview


Tafseer | Tajweed | Hadith | Seerah | Fiqh | Arabic | Nahw | Sarf

Timings and Duration


4 Months | 16 Weeks | 116 Hours | 4 days/week


Class timings: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM (Edmonton)

Total Academic days: 58

Number of sessions per week: 16



Course fee: $50 /month


Semester 1:

Start Date: September 11, 2023

End Date: December 21, 2023

Semester 2:

Start Date: January 8, 2024

End Date: June 20, 2024

Note: Ramadan Break: From Ramadan 1 to one week after Eid. Please mark these dates on your calendar to ensure your commitment to the course.
  • Age: 18+
  • No prior knowledge required

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